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We are an Australian company delivering integrated process solutions to a broad range of markets.

We focus on providing clients outcomes that are economically superior and environmentally sustainable over traditional methods. We achieve this through innovative technological with high value application in minerals extraction, treatment of waste water and industrial fluids, and remediating contaminated materials.

Our internationally patented process transforms extraction fluids and contaminated waters into beneficial resources, cost effectively, without disruption to existing operations and infrastructure.



Evocra has identified 5 key sources of contaminated water that can be treated in a cost efficient manner and in a controlled environment so as to enable balanced land use with immediate downstream consumption.

The application of the OCRA process facilitates balanced land use by maximising water recycling with a focus of delivering innovative solutions where mining and heavy intensity industry interfaces with agriculture, aquaculture and tourism.

Mining & 
minerals processing

Industrial wastewater 
& leachates

Contaminated lands 

Oil & gas extraction 
and refining

Organic wastes