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OCRA and Industry

Our OCRA (Ozofractionative Catalysed Reagent Addition) process has been used in many different applications from the recovery of resources from Acid Mine Drainage to the remediation of heavily impacted PFAS contaminated waters that no other process could efficiently or economically treat.

Gold Resource Trial

As part of a viability trial to develop new gold resource within an existing a polymetallic mine in an environmentally sensitive alpine area of Tasmania, evocra Pty Ltd (previously trading as Green Shadows Commercial Pty Ltd) was introduced to the problems of industrial-contaminated water in the form of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). The trial pit is associated with a mine that operates in a well-established Tasmanian West Coast mining area, with mining dating back to 1893. Initially the scope of evocra’s project was to design a plant to treat AMD produced by the mining trial activities using traditional engineering techniques.